Who doesn’t needs words of encouragement when everything seems gloomy. We compiled best encouragement quotes to motivate people who are going through hard times. We all face some situations in life when we see no other option other than giving up. But giving up is not the solution, fighting is. Hiding and running from problems will not solve our problems but will compile them. Best solution to problem is to face problem.Remember tough times do not last but tough people do.

Encouragement Quotes

Here we begin the list of encouragement quotes with the hope that you are going to love them.

“If life knocks you down, try and land on your back because if you can look up, you can get up.” – Les Brown

Encouragement Quotes
Encouragement Quotes by Multiwritings

“You must fail a hundred times to succeed once.” Sylvester Stallone

“Most people fail not because they aim too high and miss but because they aim too low and hit.” – Les Brown

“Failure has made me who I am today, failure gives you two choices, you give up, or YOU GET UP.” – John Cena

“You are born with your name and you die with your name, what you do in between is a legacy you leave behind for everyone else.” – Jim Morris

“There will be pain, there will be lack in your life and you know what that is what will drive you to greatness.” – Jordan Belfort

“I don’t take anything to be motivated but a breath in my body.” – Inky Johnson

“Downward is the only way forward.”

“Every champion was once a loser who refused to give up.”

Encouragement quotes
Encouragement Quotes by Multiwritings

“Falling down is how you grow, staying down is how you die.”

Reading encouragement quotes will not solve your problems but they will surely help you fight your problems.

“Failure is just an opportunity to rise from the ashes and grab greatness.”

“Do not pray for an easy life; pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.” – Bruce Lee

“If you look for the light, you can find it but if you look for the dark, that is all you will ever see.” – Iroh

“The greatest glory is not in never falling but in getting up every time you fall.

Failure begins when effort ends.” – Les Brown

“If you can’t, you must and if you must you can.” – Tommy Robins

encouragement quotes
Encouragement quotes to motivate you

“If you do what is easy, you’re life will be hard but if you do what is hard you’re life will be easy.” – Les Brown

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“You don’t get the life you deserve, you get the life you desire.” – Ona Brown

“When the end comes, let it find you conquering a new mountain not sliding an old one.”
– Jim ron

Oh wait,  encouragement quotes aren’t over yet. They just started, hold on and keep scrolling.

Words Of Encouragement

There are some words of encouragement to touch your heart,sky rocket your motivation and help you fight. These encouragement quotes are said by successful people and will surely guide you about how to face tough times.

“You don’t have to be great to get started but you have to get started to be great.” – Les Brown

“I will fail my way to success.” – Les Brown

“You Can and You Will. End of the story.” – Tony Robbins

“Anything worth doing is worth doing badly. Yes, it’s worth doing badly until you get it right.” – Les Brown.

encouragement quotes
Words of encouragement

“When it seems its over, when you’re tired, when you’re frustrated, when have spent your last dime… That’s when it all gets started.” – Eric Thomas

“Don’t cry to quit, cry to be successful.”

“Yes, it’s hard.. But it’s worth it.” – Eric Thomas

“I’m not telling you it is going to be easy, I’m telling you it is going.”

“Struggle is beautiful. It’s a sign that you are in the midst of what separates great from average.”

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