“People ask me why it is so hard to trust people. And I ask them why is it so hard to keep a promise ? “

” Be patient, sometimes you have to go through worst , to get the best. “

“The one minute. The soldier’s minute. In a battle that’s all you get. One minute of everything at once and everything before is nothing. Everything after, nothing. Nothing in comparison to that one minute. “

Don’t depend too much on people. People change when they meet new people.”

” Anger is very dangerous. It makes people do stupid things.”

” Never judge people by their past. People change. People move on. “

” The wrong one will find you in peace and leave you in pieces, but the right one will find you in pieces and lead you to peace. “

” Enjoy every moment that you have in life. Because there are no rewind buttons. “

” Once you feel avoided by someone. Never disturb them again. ” Thomas

“Everyone in life is going to hurt you. You just have to find right people to suffer for. “

” If they act they can live  without you. Help them do it. “

” Moon stays bright when it doesn’t avoid light. “

” If  people misunderstand you,do not worry. It is your voice that they hear,but what goes through their mind is their own thought. “

” It’s good to leave every day behind, like flowing water,free of sadness. Yesterday is gone and it’s tale told.Today new seeds are growing. “

” Every tree, every growing thing tell the truth… ” You harvest what you sow.”

” Although the road is never ending, take a step and keep walking, do not look fearfully into the distance. On this path let the heart be your guide, for the body is hesitant and full of fear. “

” Life begins when we decide it’s going to begin for us. ” Shahrukh Khan

” You can close your eyes to things that you do not want to see , but you can’t close your heart to things that you do no want to feel . ” Johnny

” It is only a bad day. Not a bad life. ”  -Depp

“Laugh as much as you breath. Love as long as you live. ” -Johny Depp

” You are what you believe yourself to be . ” Paulo Coelho

” There will be a time in life when nothing will go write. Do not worry. With little embarrassment you will survive. ” -SRK

” Hate is heavy . Let it go. “

“You only get one life so make sure to live a happy one. “

” Life is short , stop giving a fuck about everything. “

” Remember, Sun is alone too, still it shines. “

” I stopped getting inspired from people when I realized that people are not actually the same as they look. ” Jaun Elia

“The one who has a good friend doesn’t need any mirror. “

” No matter what happens, just keep smiling and lose yourself in love. “

” If you wish mercy. Show the mercy to weak. “

” Ignore those that make you fearful and sad; that degrade you back towards disease and death. “

” Whenever sorrow comes be, be kind to it. For God has placed pearl in sorrow’s hands. “

” Be a witness , not a judge.Focus on yourself, not others. Listen to your heart not the crowd. “

” When you do everything from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy. “


We hope that you loved our effort and liked these quotes. Life seems quite complicated, but it isn’t. We intend to make it so . With a bit calm mind and focus we can understand that life is very simple. Enjoy small moments and do not look for big happiness. Happiness is in small things, enjoying little moments is what you need.

Do not stuff your mind with thoughts you can not understand. Extra thinking will lead you to the wrong path. It will only make you depressed. You can overcome it just by thinking less and living every moment. As it is rightly said ,” You only live once, so make hell out of it.” Inspirational quotes about life end here.


You mean a lot to us . All of our efforts are just to satisfy you and provide you with the right content and what you are actually looking for. Do let us know what you think about this article. Let us know if any improvements can be done. You can also share your quotes with us or if you have any that you think can be added. That will be appreciated.



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